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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

Course Description

What is SEO?

Search engine optimizers are designed to optimize search engines, which will increase the amount of traffic through your organic search engine results and your website’s quality.

Importance of SEO

Today’s competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever before. Search engines look for millions of users every day to find answers to their questions or to solve their problems. If you have a web site, blog or online store, SEO can help your business grow and meet business objectives.

SEO can help a business achieve millions of goals, including brand awareness, traffic, transformation, customer experience and more, so it is important for digital marketers to understand how it can be understood by SEO, how to achieve the goal possible, and the most What are the best practices for cutting-edge.


Class 1 : Discussion on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
• Why does my website need SEO?
• Why can’t the search engines figure out my site without SEO?
• Can I do SEO for myself?
• Order of SEO

Class 2 : Keyword Research in proper way (Step 1).
• Keyword Research and Selection.
• Optimize Keywords in Anchor Text.
• Optimize Your Keyword Density.
• Keyword Density calculation formula and checking tool.

Class 3 : Keyword Research in proper way (Step 2).
• Why Keyword Research is Important
• Guide to find Low competitive Keywords
• How to work with Low competitive Keywords
• Compotators Analysis.

Class 4 : Keyword Research in proper way (Step 3).

• Text Modifiers to Emphasize Your Keywords.
• Discussion on LSI Keywords.
• Keyword Research Tips & Ideas.
• Using Google Insights for Search and Google Trends for Keyword Research.

Class 5 : Making your blog site: Blogger platform will be used.
• How to make a Blog easily?
• Special tricks to design blogger template.
• Blogger template customization.
• Advance Level discussion for Blogger setup.

Class 6: Making your blog site: WordPress platform will be used.
• How to make a blog in WordPress platform.
• Easy way to design a WordPress blog.
• Advance level blog customization.
• SEO friendly blog making.

Class 7: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 1)
• Optimize Keywords in Title Tag.
• Optimize Keywords in Meta Tag.
• Primary and Secondary Keywords.
• Keyword Density Analysis.
• Keyword Stuffing

Class 8: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 2).

• Optimize Keywords in Heading Tags.
• Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag.
• Meta Tag Checker.
• Meta Keywords.
• H1-H3 Tags.

Class 9: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 3).
• Image ALT tag.
• Optimize Image ALT tag.
• SEO friendly Image optimization.

Class 10: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 4).
• Internal Linking.
• Outbound Linking.
• Special tricks for Linking.
• Authority site linking tips.

Class 11: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 5).
• URL Structure.
• Search Engine friendly URL optimization.
• Optimize Keywords in URL.
• Secret tips for URL optimization.

Class 12: On-Page Optimization: (Practical + Theory Session 6).
• Anchor Text Optimization.
• Anchor Tittle.
• Site Structure Analysis.
• Anchor Text Ratio.

Class 13: On-Page Optimization: (Content Optimization).

• Setting up an optimized Blog Post Title.
• The word limit for an optimized Blog Post?
• Content Siloing
• Reducing Bounce Rate of Your Blog.

Class 14: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 1).
• Directory Submissions.
• Search Engine Submissions.
• Local Search Engines Submissions.
• Social Bookmarking Tips and Techniques.

Class 15: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 2).
• Forum Boards Link Building.
• Question Answer Boards.
• Classifieds Posting.
• Network Creation.

Class 16: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 3).
• Article Submission.
• Press Release Submission.
• Forum Posting.
• Guest Posting.

Class 16: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 4).
• Social Networking Sites.
• Blog Commenting
• Sitemap Submission.
• Concept of Dofollow/ Nofollow Backlinks,

Class 17: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 5).
• Yahoo Answers.
• Link Wheel.
• Web 2.0.
• Tiered link building.

Class 18: OFF-Page Optimization: (Session 6).
• Video Promotion.
• Video Promotion Tricks.
• High PR Web 2.0 Sites.
• Other forms of backlink process is effective nowadays.

Class 19: Social Media Marketing (Part:1)
• What is Social Media Marketing?
• How we can generate Traffic from Social Sites.
• Facebook Marketing.
• Twitter Marketing.

Class 20: Social Media Marketing (Part:2)
• LinkedIn Marketing.
• Google + Marketing.
• Pinterest Marketing.
• Tumblr Marketing.
Class 21: Webmaster Tools (Session: 1).
• What is Webmaster Tools.
• How webmaster tools work.
• How to submit site to webmaster tools.
• Google Webmaster.
• Bing Webmaster.

Class 22: Webmaster Tools (Session: 2).
• Google Webmaster Setup and Management.
• Bing Webmaster Setup and Management.
• Structured Data.
• Crawl error.
• Fetch as Google.

Class 23: Webmaster Tools (Session: 3).
• Targeting Audiences.
• Targeted Country.
• Rich Cards

Class 24: Google Analytics.
• How to set up Google Analytics.
• How to add the site to Google Analytics.
• Tracking code.
• Advance level discussion in Analytics.