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Course Description

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing mainly refers to an online based marketing of products or services through digital technologies. Digital Marketing, in another word, is advertising through the online platform such as SEO, SEM, Websites, Social Media, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing

The most common types of Digital Marketing are as follows:

  1. Paid search
  2. SEO
  3. Content Making
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Viral Marketing
  9. Influencer Marketing

Importance/Benefits of Digital Marketing

As the present world is passing through an era of technology, Digital Marketing is on the zenith of importance.Through Digital Marketing one can easily reach the customers as the customers are now utmost internet savvy. It helps to reach the global marketplace. When one puts out advertisements in the newspaper, it is impossible to find out to just how many people exactly have seen that particular ad, but with Digital Marketing one can see the exact number of people who have seen the add. The benefits of Digital Marketing also include the ability to interact with one’s prospects and learn exactly what they are looking for. One can track responses to one’s marketing efforts immediately.

Why you will come to us

  1. Dewan ICT is a well-known and reputed Digital Marketing training center in Dhaka.
  2. Our expert trainers with positive attitude adapt to learners’ needs.
  3. We have a digital classroom with a congenial environment where learners can learn ins and outs of Digital Marketing.
  4. We always provide the best services with our learners and clients.
  5. Learners get certification after they complete their course.



What is Digital Marketing?
Why Digital Marketing is important?
Aligning Internet with Business Objectives.
The Digital Marketing Framework.
What can be Your Business Strategies in 2018-2019.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization SEO.
Why SEO is important.
Keyword Research.
Where I can do Keyword Research Properly.
Why I need to do Keyword Research in CPA & Digital Marketing.


What is CPA Marketing ?
How can I earn in CPA Marketing?
How much I can Earn in CPA Marketing.
Campaign Management.
Start Real Life Projects.


Help to create account in real CPA Marketplace.
Situation Analysis, Planning, Budget, Measurement.
Information Gathering & Research about CPA Marketplace.
Key Strategy & Planning Concepts & Methodologies
Best Practice Case Studies.


Content creation.
Content Optimization.
Content creating tool (paid & free).
How can I convert my content to conversion.
Landing page creation for CPA Marketing.
Landing Page optimization.
Advanced tricks about Landing page creation.
Pick best offers & survey.


Conversion Tracking.
Targeting & Analytics.
Where I can create content.
Conversion Metrics: CPA, CTR.

Introduce about Email Marketing.
User Behavior.
Segmentation, Key Metrics.
Best Practice Case Studies.
Campaign Process Optimization.


What is Social Media Marketing ?
Why Social Media Marketing is really important in nowadays.
Social Media Marketing Secrete tips .
Social Media Marketing in Advance level .

CLASS # 10

How can I earn through Facebook Marketing.
Secrete tips in Twitter Marketing.
Special tricks in LinkedIn Marketing.
Advanced methods Google Plus Marketing

CLASS # 11

How can I get sell in Pinterest.
What is Pinterest.
How can I get sell in Pinterest.
Advanced strategies in Pinterest.

CLASS # 12
Real life Projects assessment.
How can I work technically?
How can get in through social media.
Help to Work with multiple CPA networks.